Time running out to catch sight loss artist’s display

Contemporary artist Alan McIntyre has a new art exhibition on in Edinburgh’s Embo Cafe, running until 4 August.

This exhibition Suspending Nature captures the movement of a falling leaf and explores the nature of materials, transparency and decay.

Alan McIntyre suffers from sight loss but creates the most inspiring and captivating pieces of art.

In this new exhibition he strives to capture the simplicity in the movement of a falling leaf and has been investigating the transitory nature of the seasons, focusing particularly closely on autumn.

Suspending Nature involves acrylic encased leaves that are preserved and suspended in front of mirrored panels. This allows for interplays of light and gives more depth to the artwork, encouraging ideas of nature’s suspension and natural decomposition as well as the suspension of time and movement of the dried leaves.

The tactile qualities of the contrasting materials and techniques used to make these pieces on display were vastly important to a blind artist and Alan aims to present his work as an alternative perspective of the world; one of blindness and sight loss that is largely less acknowledged and appreciated.

Alan has a lifelong passion for artwork and creating visual arts. He painted mostly with oil but since his diagnosis of a progressive eye condition has become more reliant on collaboration with sighted artists and assistants.

His recent work has come from a series of experimentation and discovery that originated from a quest to present the simple beauty of a dried leaf. He is also exploring a number of practices such as metal work, screen printing, 3D modelling, multi-media collage and sound and video.

The exhibition takes place at the Embo Cafe, 29 Haddington Pl, Edinburgh, EH7 4AG, until 4 August.