World Food Travel Association appoints first Scottish ambassador

Brenda Anderson – director of Tasting Scotland, the culinary, food and drink luxury travel operator – has been selected to serve as the UK (Scotland) Ambassador for the World Food Travel Association.

The association, which is based in the United States, is an authority on food and drink tourism, including the hottest trend in the sector.

Brenda is only the association’s second ambassador from the UK and will support the growth of the sector by ‘acting as a conduit for communication between the association and the country represented’.

Erik Wolf, chief executive of the World Food Travel Association, said: ‘The association is pleased to welcome Brenda Anderson as our first ambassador in Scotland and only our second in the UK.

‘We look forward to working with Ms Anderson to promote our association in her region and to introduce our programs that would be of interest to Scotland’s food, drink, travel and hospitality industry.

‘Scotland is a fantastic culinary destination, and for more than just the whisky. Together, we’ll help the world discover that.’

Brenda added: ‘There is absolutely no reason for why food and drink can’t be the sole reason for visiting Scotland and have the same cachet as Italy or France for example.

‘My mid-term aim is to see Scotland host the bi-annual World Food Travel Summit within the next five-to-seven years.

‘It’s a significant event that will really put Scotland firmly on the culinary destination map of the world.’

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