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webnew-blog-pic-300x201I am back!!!  Just got off a train actually from the Edinburgh festival. Vibrant, lively August in Edinburgh is unbeatable. It has a life all of its own.  It has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. I am totally in love with Edinburgh and rediscovering it all again after many years away has been a true delight.  All Bar One is just as I remember it.  They have Chablis.

I have been busy commuting for the last 4 months to Edinburgh and a very mysterious thing has happened.  I have started to get up early and have found it much easier than I could ever have imagined. I literally cannot wait to get into work.  The stress of the school run is a distant memory.  I leave the house before the children are up having breakfast.  I read the Metro every morning and then the Daily Mail online.  It is very important to keep up with the showbiz news.

I work for a company who provide their staff with freshly baked cheese scones, freshly made soup and bacon rolls.. I cried when they offered me the job and I did not even know about the scones at this point..  Proper sobbing took place on the train journey home after the interview. I really think someone could have offered me a tissue, mascara was everywhere. After all my searching, there it was, the job that was right for me at the right time in the right place.   The other commuters paid no attention to me, they just read their kindles, typed on their laptops, sent text messages and sat on Facebook.

I wish the Edinburgh tram project would just come to an end.  Every morning there is a  new diversion from the station to amuse me. Traffic is slow and drivers are slightly and sleepily irate.  I have my trainers on and can move quite quickly.  I can cleverly run when the green man is just about to turn red. I I do of course have my high heels under my desk.  They are such lovely shiny ones.

Powerwalking at lunchtimes keeps me away from George Street and Princes Street shopping and the Union Canal is my favourite.   It is popular with runners and cyclists. Far too many Pigeons for my liking.

Action Man has been busy this Summer setting up his own business, growing vegetables in our allotment and taking the children and I to Mull. He has enjoyed his Summer of “Daddy Day Care” and I have been in complete admiration at his patience. Not a single teatime tantrum from either him or the children. Very annoying really.  It is back to school next week…. Last Saturday afternoon in Clarks shoe shop getting school shoes was nearly the end.

Moira Douglas

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