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I cannot take anymore talk of Jubilee Hats. I have been very close to screaming my head off with annoyance.  My children needed them for the school Jubilee Hat competition last week.  It took an hour to find some scissors. My son hides them in hard to find places. Just one of the little games to keep him entertained. I raided the Christmas decoration box for red, white and blue tinsel.  Nerves became frazzled and a lot of glitter ended up on the floor, along with the gluestick. The children got bored half way through and went out to play. I was also required to produce homemade bunting.  Is there any end to the demands of motherhood?  I have a job, there is always homework to do.  I am exhausted.

My daughter informed me that of course there were some fantastic hats that mothers had made that were on display in the school. Really fantastic and amazing. I would apparently not have believed my eyes. Absolutely no pressure.

The exciting news is that Action Man and I did it, we ran a relay in the Edinburgh marathon.  I found the whole day amazing and will definitely be doing it again.  I was annoyingly hyperactive and a bit hot and bothered with the sweltering heat. It was so nice to be back in Edinburgh.  I have some special memories of my time as a student there. It was really all quite emotional, especially the queues for the portaloos mixed with Deep Heat.  What a stench.

My running routes have been increased and are now 4 times a week instead of 3. The next run in October is going to be a half marathon. I have bought some Lycra trousers and wake up in the morning wanting to go out for a run.  I really do not know what is happening to me.

Action Man finds out very soon about whether or not he will be made redundant from the Army.  I keep waiting for the panic attack of “what will he do”.   Many Army families are very worried and it is the worst thing that could happen to them, especially if they have children settled in boarding school.

For me, the bunting will be going up and I will be dancing around in one of the Jubilee Hats. I have had enough of weekly commuting.  It is hard and can really, in my opinion, only be done for a limited amount of time.  I have had enough of being separated. That is very hard. I think it is the right time for our lives to take a different path however daunting that may be. We really have no idea what the future holds.

We could be living together in the same house at the end of this month and I predict entertaining times ahead for the neighbours. Action Man has promised to make me a patio.  He has no idea how to do it but is going to “google it”. Our arguments over how to stack the dishwasher will intensify.  If only he would listen….


Moira Douglas

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