Tales from the Teith – Glorious glamping…


It took six weeks of Action Man being on holiday and then I was really quite relieved. I was starting to get a little bit worried about the state of harmony in our household. It is not normal for Army couples to spend a lot of time together.  It can go one of two ways. When it happened, it really did happen in style.  I am really quite proud of myself. I was absolutely and utterly magnificent.

The argument of all arguments took place on the morning of our planned camping trip. It was all so tense.  The warming signs were there; the scary silence, stomping feet, slight huffing and puffing, waving of hands and a tight lip. When I saw the car jammed packed with sleeping bags, pillows and a foldaway table, complete with loo roll and a tin of baked beans, all rational thinking went out of the window. I went completely off my head and wondered why I had ever got married. The minister did not mention camping in the vows.

Action Man said nothing but calmly walked around the house closing all the doors and windows in the house. You can only push neighbours so far and the dog is very noise sensitive. I threatened him with not going. Why were we not going to Paris or the Amalfi coast like normal people and I did obviously have to point out that Gleneagles is only half an hour up the road. Where would my hairdryer go?  How would I check my emails? His maps, guidebook and detailed itinerary did not appease me. Who in their right mind goes camping for fun?


Ten hours later and we arrived in Sussex.  The M25 was just as I remembered it.  Full of cars, a bit on the slow side and a little flat. I do not like scenery without hills. It was certainly warmer and there was no drizzle.  We found our campsite in Hastings and pitched the tent quickly before it got dark.  I discovered Action Man is quite good with tents. I put a few pegs in and I think he was really quite impressed. Things were definitely beginning to look up. I saw two shooting stars on the first night while lying in my new sleeping bag with a mug of hot chocolate.   I took a wish. It is a long shot but I will let you know if it comes true.

A Sussex beach

A Sussex beach

We were lucky with the weather.  We had breakfast every morning outside cooked on the gas stove, I quite enjoyed washing up in the communal kitchen area talking to some French, Swiss and Belgian people and got used to having a shower in flip flops. How I hate flip flops, to make matters worse I think I bought them in Primark.

Action Man took the children on the 1066 walk, 32 miles in total over 4 days.  I provided the drop off and pick up service and refreshments as and when necessary. Sussex around Battle, Pevensey and Catfield are very pretty and definitely worth a visit.  It reminded me of some of the scenery in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It also has quite a few windmills and so much history. I found a vineyard, one of England’s 400.  The wine tasted truly truly scrumptious. I closed my eyes and I pretended I was in the South of France. I sort of believed it for a while.

Wine from an English vineyard

Wine from an English vineyard

I am now in charge of planning the next camping holiday. I have been told Blair Atholl is very good. It is the closest thing Action Man is going to get to an Army exercise. I have to admit that now I have done glamping, I would quite like to try proper camping, in the middle of nowhere.   Hot water and internet access, completely overrated.   I am not an ex Army wife for nothing you know.

Moira Douglas

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