Lindores Reborn…

anthonyglasgowblog-150x150I have recently said hello to an old friend. I had seen an article by Greig Thomson on the excellent Salmo Fishings website that the 90-acre Lindores Loch, near Newburgh, had re-opened having been closed as a trout fishery for many years and was keen to tempt one of its trout for myself.

I remember trout fishing Lindores Loch when I was at School (a long time ago!), and more recently, it has been a convenient pike fishing venue, but thanks to the efforts of Steven Wade, this charming water is again offering trout fishing.


Stretching from the village of Lindores southwards for a distance of 1.3 km this shallow and productive loch will hopefully provide the latest stocked rainbows with a fantastic habitat in which to flourish and grow fat. If the buzzer hatch I recently witnessed is anything to go by, then there will be some pretty plump trout by the end of the summer.

On my recent visit and having only a few hours to spare, I settled for a two fish ticket and set forth to tempt the local finned residents – albeit, given how calm it was, I was expecting it to be tough.

Tough it might have been, but the beauty of such conditions was to allow me to marvel at the fishy forms breaking the surface as they fed confidently on the hatching buzzers. It was a fine morning to be alive and to be out and enjoying our fantastic country and its wildlife (even if some of it artificially introduced).

As it happens, whether by good luck or as I like to think fine angling skill (unlikely) I was to find myself connected with two wonderful trout within an hour and a half. My first fell to a static buzzer, held high in the calm water by utilising a big bushy dry fly on the point – ‘the washing line technique’ and the second to a very slowly fished un-weighted damsel tweaked through to top inch or so of water.

The fight from my two fish, similar only in the sheer power and fight they put up, could not have been more different; one indulged in a series of spectacular leaps the other bored deep and did not show itself for many minutes. They were both full-finned and superb specimens – certainly the hardest fighting and best looking I have caught all year so far.

I will certainly be back – well done Steven.

For permit info, call Lindores on 01337 810 428.

Anthony Glasgow


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