If you’ve ever organised a wedding!

weddingdressWhen I look back now at my own wedding (too many years ago to mention) I remember the flurry of activity to get everything ready for the big day. From finding a venue to sending out invitations from organising bridesmaid dresses and getting flowers up in the church. I appeared every now and again and agreed that I liked this and not that, but mum and dad put in a huge effort to make sure everyone enjoyed their day. In the end, on that May day, we were all glad we had plumped for an indoor venue for the reception as howling gales would have tested any marque to its limits.

There are things about my wedding day that will stick in my memory forever, such as my old dog, Tex, nearly joining me at the alter as she had been running up and down to the church with us all morning with the flowers and had no idea she was supposed to stay at home this time. She appeared, wagging her tail as I stood with dad at the church door. He had to run home with her, making me fashionably late for my big entrance!

I know many of our readers will have similar experiences of organising a son or daughters big day and we’d love to hear from you. Our February wedding feature is all about the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of any wedding. Tell us anything from how you found the perfect venue to anything unusual that was on the menu at the reception.  Did your day run smoothly or were there any last minute hitches you ingeniously overcame? ‘Mothers of the Bride’ we’d love to hear where you found your perfect outfit?

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