Hertz goes green with new waterless carwashes

Hertz takes pride in its duties as an ethical company and duly recognises its responsibility to the planet. This has led to the roll out of a waterless car wash system at 200 of its rental locations. This initiative could make a vast difference to Hertz’s green credentials. If the roll out is successful it could end up saving 130million gallons of water at 3,700 of its locations in Europe and the USA.

The benefits are clearly mutual: Hertz will save on water and energy bills (don’t forget the water has to be heated), as well as expensive chemical cleaners, and delivery costs. Wider society will save 130million gallons of water, as well as reaping the benefits of non-toxic solution to cleaning. It’s also important to note that the dispenser of the new formula reduces volume by 79%, therefore resulting in a 77% reduction in shipping costs.

Success could also see other companies following Hertz’s lead and innovating our way out of water shortages. The implications of these sorts of environmentally friendly, low volume cleaning techniques could have far reaching implications for cleaning in a variety of sectors. The fewer toxic pollutants we’re flushing down the drains, the better for the planet.

Hertz developed the solution with the assistance of Green Team Partner who designed a biodegradable, hyper-concentrated formula.

A short explanation is necessary for those wondering just what is waterless car washing? Around 6ounces of the solution is sprayed onto the panels of the vehicle, the solution lifts and loosens dirt from the surface of the car before you remove the dirt with a microfiber cloth. A second microfiber towel is used to put a final sheen on the car after all of the dirt has been removed.

The use of a second cloth produces a good finish and helps avoid any scratching that may be associated with wiping loose dirt particles. The whole process takes around 8 minutes, and there obviously isn’t a laborious to-ing and froing with hose pipes and buckets of water.

Hertz is also innovating new ways of an environmentally friendly working practice by installing LED lights and installing solar panels at many of its facilities. On a more fundamental level, Hertz is also boosting the fuel efficiency of its vehicles with options like the Green Traveller Collection and it offers an extensive range of fuel efficient cars.

Around 75% of the Hertz fleet averages over 28mpg and they have plenty of reasonable hybrid vehicles for rent.

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