Do you believe in Scotland’s big cats?

bigcatblogThis month we carry a controversial piece examining the question of whether big cats are really on the prowl in Scotland. At the moment hotspots for sightings seem to be Aberdeen and Ayrshire. In the latter county local police recently warned the public to be on their guard after they concluded an injured horse had been attacked by a big cat.

It seems though that no area is immune, in my neck of the woods several locals swear they have seen a big black cat in woods that back on to our house. I remain sceptical, though, perhaps that’s just in an effort to make myself feel better! A group called Big Cats in Britain now gets so many calls about sightings that it no longer follows them all up. If you go to our ‘Video of the week’ you can see the footage caught recently near Faslane Navel Base of what is thought to be a big cat. Click here to have a look now.

Are you convinced that you have seen a big cat on the loose somewhere in Scotland, do you believe that they exist or do you think they are  a myth? Let us know by commenting here or by joining in the debate on our  forum topic of the week. Click here now to go to our forum debate.

Henrietta Forrest,

Creative Editor.

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