Christmas comes but once a year

xmas dogThe one thing about working for a monthly magazine like Scottish Field is that all your seasons get a bit out of kilter.  At the moment the team is hard at work putting together your Christmas issue so heads are full of yummy Christmas recipes and finding a suitably festive cover – it always seems a bit incongruous when outside the office the trees still have leaves and roses are still blooming!

People moan about the shops being stuffed with Christmas cards and presents although it is only the beginning of October, however to me this fits in with what I’m thinking about at work. I have heard it suggested that shops should be banned from putting out Christmas wares until the end of October, however in these tough retail times – who can blame them for making the most of their biggest selling season. I do find though that much of the magic of Christmas is lost on my childeren by the time it finally comes around which is a sad thing.

However I love putting together the December and January Scottish Fields, it makes me think of crisp winter walks and sunshine on frosty mornings. Come Christmas Day though I’ve moved on – my thoughts are already on the new year ahead and the spring issues of the magazine. Even the family dog has had enough of the festivities by then!

Henrietta Forrest

Creative Editor

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